K. PANDEYA & CO. has grown organically over last five decades and has served a wide variety of clients over the years.

K. PANDEYA & CO. boasts of a very large and satisfied customer base and has the lowest client attrition rate in this profession in the country!!

The biggest reason why clients have loyally stayed with K. PANDEYA & CO. are :-

1.  Impeccable Integrity

2.  Dedication to clients / service

3.  Discharging responsibility with the highest competence and sincerity.

The clients of K. PANDEYA & CO. include Govt. Organization, PSU, Big Company which are globally recognized industry leaders in the following fields:-

a) Coal & Mining


c) Investment Company

d) Food processing

Apart from the above we also have other above and large Indian clients in the following fields :-

a) Software / I..T

b) Pharmaceuticals

c) Garment accessories

d) International Trading

e) Fashion Industry

f) Facility Management

g) Garment manufacturing

h) High net worth individuals, professionals and celebrities

i)Real Estate

and many more.

Contact Us

K Pandeya & Co.

102 Sahdeo Enclave, Near T V Tower,

Aryapuri Road, Ratu Road, Ranchi

Jharkhand, India - 834005

Email: rchmanjeet1969@gmail.com

Phone: 0651 2282656, 6999001

Mobile: 9470120710, 9431170139


K. Pandeya & Co. Chartered Accountant ' s backbone is its team of exceedingly committed and dedicated professionals.
The team consists of some of the brightest and most sincere personnel and comprises of chartered accountants, company secretaries, MBA and other support staff.
The common values and visions of K. Pandeya & Co. are embodied in the entire team which works with total unity and unison in serving the clients with utmost integrity & professionalism. We at K. Pandeya & Co. lay equal emphasis on the human side of every team member who is therefore given due respect and all support needed by them to grow and evolve in their personal and professional pursuits.