Co-operative & NGOs

i) The Chotanagpur regional Weavers Co-optv

ii) Cambridge trust

ii) Kamala Nehru Vidya Mandir

iv) Manav Seva sangh


I) Cambridge school, Ranchi 1996 to 2007

ii) G & H High School 1996 to 2007

iii) Sradhanand Bal Mandir, Ranchi 1996 to 2007

iv) St. Margret School, Hostel, Ranchi 1996 to 2007

v) DAV School, Giridih & Dhori Area 1996 to 2007

vi) St. Xavier Bokaro 1975 to 2007

vii) St. Xavier Hazaribagh 1975 to 2007

viii) St. Robert School, Hazaribagh 1975 to 2007

ix) Carmel School, Nammakala, Ambikapur 1975 to 2007

x) Mari Marshal School, Charhi 1975 to 2007

xi) Sacred Heart School, halhundu 1975 to 2007

xii) Sacred heart School, Chianki 1975 to 2007

xiii)St. Annas High School,Ranchi 1975 to 2007

xiv) Anita high school, Kanke 1975 to 2007

xv) St. Josheph High School, Samlong 1975 to 2007

xvi) Holy cross Girls high School, Lalpur 1975 to 2007

xvii) Holy cross Girls high School, Chandil 1975 to 2007

xviii) St. francis School, Jasidih 1975 to 2007

xix) St. francis School, Lakai koderma 1975 to 2007

xx) St. francis School, Kalanjot, jalpaiguri 1975 to 2007

xxi) St.Joseph college, Torpa 1975 to 2007

xxii) Nirmala College, ranchi 1975 to 2007

xxiii) St. Joseph High school, Torpa 1975 to 2007

xxiv) St. Thomas School, 1977 to 2006

xxv) St.Ignatius High school, Gumla 1975 to 2007

xxvi) St.Annes High School, Mander 1975 to 2007

xxvii) St. Pius International College, Ranchi 1975 to 2007

xxviii) Holy cross Montessary school, Ranchi 1975 to 2007

xxix) St.Joseph High school, mahuadam 1975 to 2007

xxx) St.Tresa Girls High School, Mahuadam1975 to 2007


i) Appolo Hospital , Ranchi 1996 to 2007

ii) Sirdi Sai Hospital, Ranchi 1996 to 2007

iii) Rahat nurshing Home, Ranchi 1996 to 2007

iv) Viraj nurshing home, Ranchi 1996 to 2007

v) Holy Family Hospital , Koderma 1977 to 2007

vii) Tripolia Hospital, Patna 1977 to 2007

viii) Holy Family Hospital, Mander 1972 to 1982

ix) Nirmal Hridaya Hospital, Nawada 1977 to 2007

x) St. Francis Health Centre, Jasidih 1977 to 2007

xi) Krish Raja Health Centre1977 to 2007

xii) Dibya Niketan Health Centre, Barwadih 1977 to 2007

xiii) Deepti health centre, Nawadih, Daltonganj 1977 to 2007

xiv) Good samariton Hospital, Kurkuria1977 to 2007


i) Fudi Technical training Centre, Khunti 1977 to 2007

ii) Teacher training college- Primary teachers

iii) Training College, Sitagarha, Hazaribagh 1977 to 2007

Contact Us

K Pandeya & Co.

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Aryapuri Road, Ratu Road, Ranchi

Jharkhand, India - 834005


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K. Pandeya & Co. Chartered Accountant ' s backbone is its team of exceedingly committed and dedicated professionals.
The team consists of some of the brightest and most sincere personnel and comprises of chartered accountants, company secretaries, MBA and other support staff.
The common values and visions of K. Pandeya & Co. are embodied in the entire team which works with total unity and unison in serving the clients with utmost integrity & professionalism. We at K. Pandeya & Co. lay equal emphasis on the human side of every team member who is therefore given due respect and all support needed by them to grow and evolve in their personal and professional pursuits.